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Suspension System Troubleshooting : Do You Know?


How To Troubleshoot A Suspension System?

In this article the major defects that occur in the suspension system of automobile will be covered.

1.  Rough ride: In the conventional rigid axle suspension the rough ride of the transmission of excessive road shocks to the vehicle body may be due to any or more of the following reasons:

#01. The leaves of spring may be rusted or corroded resulting in excessive friction. The lubrication of springs should be done immediately to reduce friction.

#02. The pins in the shackles may have seized which should be set right at once.

#03. The shock absorbers may be defective which must be replaced. a

#04. Lubricating pads at the ends of leaves may be worn. They should be replaced.


In the case of independent suspension the cause of rough ride may be – the pivots on the suspension arms may be seized. The remedy is to immediate lubrication or in the case of torsion bars; their adjustments may not be correct which should be adjusted properly.

Troubleshooting Suspension System


2.  Suspension too flexible: The main possible cause for this trouble may be

#01. The manufacturer might have specified that the springs should not be lubricated, which precaution might have been violated thus decreasing frictions. The remedy is to clean the springs thoroughly.

#02. Due to constant use, the spring may have become weak. The only remedy in this case is replacement.

#03. Some of the leaves of the springs may be broken which must be replaced.

#04. The shock absorber might have developed some defects.


3.  Sagging springs: With the sagging springs the vehicles sags on one side. The possible causes may be

#01. The spring on the sagging side may have become weak due to constant use.

#02. Any or more leaves of the sagging spring may be broken.

#03. In case of independent suspension system, the coil spring may be incorrectly adjusted.


4.  Vehicle bouncing after crossing bump: The possible cause for this may be

#01. Worn out shock absorbers, which must be replaced.

#02. Damaged or slipped leaf springs which have to be checked repaired or replaced.


5.  Knocking during crossing bump: In case of knocking or clunking when going over a bump, the main cause are

#01. The shock absorbers or the struts may have worn out. In such a situation shock absorbers and/or struts bearings have to replaced.

#02. Ball joints may be loose or worn out, which may be checked and serviced or replaced as required.


6.  Noises: The noises produced in case there is any trouble in the suspension system are generally squeaking or rattling. These may be due to following reasons:


#01. Lack of lubrication may result in spring noise.

#02. U-bolts may be loose.

#03. There may be a side play in shackles.

#04. The shackle pin or bushes may be loose.

#05. There may be some defect in the shock absorbers.

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