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Hybrid System Technology


Hybrid System Technology

We’re here for the multi-station hydrogen system which is launched on the Lexus LC 500. It is the newest evolution of our hybrid system and it multiplies two possibilities that we had in the past. The different thing about multistage is that we add another gear we already have a seating key system but we add another four-speed gear. With the new LC 500 we desired something that feels much more sportive much more money and by introducing the automatic transmission the Forestry Commission to our already existing hybrid system. We can accommodate that need completely so now the system could shift in ten different gears and it will give you that physical feeling that links between engine speed and vehicle speed so you have a sports feeling, a dynamic experience, the CVT will actually simulate three different gear steps. The three mechanical gear steps in the transmission multiply that three to nine and then you have a final gear step which is a tenth and that's an overdrive. The beautiful part of this system is that there is no limit to the amount of years that we can choose and our power control unit is so advanced that they can do any type of gear change in less than 100 milliseconds and without shift shop without delay. 



So very fast gear change very similar to any other sports car you will run through first second and third it's not like you'll be shifting continuously so higher you go up in speed, the longer your gear will remainder that's in nutshell is what the multistage hybrid does and I'm quite sure that once we see this LC 500 on the road I'm looking forward to that it will be a revolution in the way hybrids are perceived and in the way we experience a hybrid driver. Hybrid technology built up over many years, a chargeable hybrid system with an added external charging function. This is the Toyota Plug-In Hybrid System each unit utilizes this hybrid system with its proven track record when its plug is connected the charging unit feeds electricity to the batteries. We have units that are compatible with power sources from various nations. The drive battery has a large capacity for storing electrical power and supplying it to the motor to power the car these are high output batteries with superior durability and heat resistance. 


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Hybrid System Technology

The power control unit is the core of the plug-in hybrid system it supplies the right amount of electrical power to each unit to control them. The motor is compact yet it is highly efficient and achieves smooth acceleration the generator uses the engine rotation to generate electricity which is sent to the motor and the drive batteries it is also used to start the engine providing smooth starting as well as being used as a motor during EB driving using a one-way clutch between the engine in the transaxle makes it possible to make the generator drive as a motor. There is additional power when both motors are operating together. For the engine the maximum thermal efficiency has been raised in both low fuel consumption and low emissions achieved the power split device is the core technology that divides the energy output from the engine between electrical generation and driving according to the driving conditions the plug-in hybrid system is the next evolution of our advanced technology. 


Toyota Hybrid System

In a modern sports car I'm looking for outstanding driving dynamics combined with maximum efficiency and everyday practicality I doubt a plug-in hybrid can deliver all these points. Our answer the powerful plug-in hybrid system made by BMW first the intelligent plug-in hybrid in the new BMW i8 combines the best of both worlds in that it has a petrol engine and an electric motor. The first is a twin power turbocharger street and in this sitting on the rear axle delivering an output of 231 horsepower and 320 Newton meters of torque and the latter is an electric motor that represents the latest addition to BMWs II drive technology. The electric motor is sitting on the front axle and centrally mounted between them is a powerful battery all of which was specifically designed by BMW this is how we ensure the highest quality standard and as I think the best responds to the issue of practicality second the BMW i8 is very dynamic. 


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BMW i8


BMW i8 

The battery I just mentioned creates a very low center of gravity. Driving a BMW i8 is a bit like driving on rail and there's an all-wheel drive to add that extra margin to this kind of dynamic driving experience. When you're operating the combustion engine only you have a rear-wheel drive when you're driving on electric it's a front-wheel drive what's more the BMW i8 boasts a combined maximum of 362 horsepower and a top speed of 250 kilometers an hour so the BMW i8 is very efficient that's the beauty of the plug-in hybrid system. The electric motor takes the load off the combustion engine while it packs an extra punch and the result is it's the performance of a thoroughbred sports car with the fuel consumption of a compact car. It's only 2.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Now you might argue that the battery is only so much power and it's quickly drained but we're not in full boost mode the kinetic energy of the moving car recharges the battery or simply put the battery recharges while you drive your BMW i8 even the energy when you hit the brakes is being recuperated back at home to top-up your battery. All you have to do is plug it into your BMW i8 warm box if there's no wall box available you may also plug it into a common wall socket. 

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Lexus LC 500


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