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Transmissions In Electric Cars

Transmissions In Electric Cars

Anyone who is familiar with internal combustion engine will also be familiar with concept of transmission. Transmission in internal combustion engine controlled car includes flywheel, clutch and gearboxes as major parts. Generally passenger cars have 5-6 gears (top variants). These gears have rated torque and speed and during driving gears got shifted as per driving situation.


As we saw in previous article, internal combustion engine have four strokes i.e. suction, compression, power and exhaust stroke. The power is generated in third stroke i.e. power stroke and the proper utilization of this power is responsible for overall function and movement of the vehicle. This power is transmitted to the gearbox via a complex arrangement of flywheel, clutch and gearbox. The power produced by the IC engine (internal combustion engine) is constant and in this limited power certain functions are being performed. If you go more technically, IC engine generate more torque at low gear with low rpm and low torque at high rpm because Power = Torque x speed. We have constant power so in order to gain high speed we need more rpm and less torque for a loaded vehicle high torque is required. Due to above formula manufacturers carefully designs the gearbox according to gear ratio.

This is not the case in the electric cars. Electric car don’t require multi speed transmission gear system because engine electric car is not internal combustion engine. In case of IC engine gear shifting is required in order to obtain required output but in electric vehicle electric motor delivers required power instantly means process of building up torque through revving as in internal combustion engine is unnecessary. 


Conventional Gearbox


Most electric motors operate beyond 10,000 rpm with ease. Electric motors are able to produce consistent torque across such an extensive rpm range compared to 6000 rpm of internal combustion engine. The drawback of multi gear transmission is that it adds extra weight, inefficiency and extra production cost. Let see how electric car works?

How does electric car works?

The procedure is for battery operated vehicles. In its working when the car pedal is pressed. “Controller” takes control over the batteries & inverters and then regulates electrical energy from batteries then inverter in corporation with controller sends the certain amount of electrical energy to the motor, according to the intensity of pressure on pedal then electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Rotation of motor rotor rotates the transmission so the wheel turns and then car moves. 

Charging Port


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