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Automatic Transmission vs Manual Transmission - Which is better?

Automatic Transmission vs Manual Transmission

Which is the best automatic transmission or manual transmission and which is real way to drive?

Let’s take a look.

Chances are that you may have your own preferences but actually there is no base to decide which is better than other. Each has its advantages and disadvantages with any choice in favor of either, a matter of opinion in most cases. Let’s kick things off the pros and cons of manual transmission.

Manual Transmissions

In most cases though not all manual transmission vehicles tends to be cheaper to purchase, on average a manual transmission car will generally save between a few hundred and a thousand a dollars compared to an automatic version of the same model. Manual transmissions are also cheaper to maintain. This is because they are usually simpler pieces of engineering with fewer parts that could potentially fail. However manual transmission cars do rely heavily on the clutch to shift gears. If this gives out you are in a big and usually an expensive trouble.  Historically, manual transmissions were noticeably more fuel efficient than automatic versions. However, modern automatic transmission cars can be either on par with or surpass in this regard. Manual transmissions offer the driver better control of the vehicle. The option to shift gears on a whim in anticipation of an oncoming road condition or to get an added boost, manual transmissions  really do make you feel like the master of the machine.


Automatic Transmission vs Manual Transmission


Automatic Transmissions

On the other hand automatic transmissions are specifically designed to choose the best gear for the situation. As more and more automatic transmission vehicles hit the roads fewer new drivers ever have the need to learn “the old fashioned way”. This is one reason why automatic transmission cars are more popular than ever today. In fact, in the US manual transmission cars constituted only 13% of new car sales so far in 2020. But, what about the benefits of automatic transmissions over their manual alternatives?

The most obvious benefits of auto transmission is the fact that they are easier to use while shifting gears manually isn’t that hard after some practice, it is not as convenient. For sometimes, this mistakes the driving experiencing more comfortable and enjoyable. Gearshifts also tend to be quicker and smoother in newer automatic cars. It can be argued that automatic transmission cars are also safe to drive with little use to one hand to change gears constantly. Both hands can be kept on the wheel making them relatively safer, at least in theory.

Automatics for less experienced drivers tend to be better choice in hilly areas. This is an especially true when moving off from a dead stop. Automatic transmissions also reduce the risk of stalling. Not only does this help the driver at traffic lights but will also increase safety during those stall potential moments on the road. If an automatic car does stall for any reason, it usually points to be mechanical faults of some kind rather than driver error. Automatic transmissions might just be the better options for use in heavy traffic during long commutes through densely packed roads, micromanaging your manual transmission can be a pain. Automatics turn this annoying task into a breeze making being stuck in a heavy traffic a little bit more bearable. 


Manual Transmission


Aftermath which is better?

In general it will come down to your personal choice and driving style. If you tend to have to commute around the city a lot , you will probably prefer the automatic option over the manual. Ultimately whether you decide to buy either a manual or automatic transmission car take it for a test drive. You may be surprised by which one takes your fancy. Alternatively, you could opt for the “best of both worlds” and grab yourself a semi-automatic transmission vehicle. 


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