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Zeroshift Transmission Technology


Zeroshift Transmission Technology

The company Zeroshift Limited has developed a new transmission technology that results in completely instantaneous change in gear ratio with no interruption of torque to the driving wheels. In theory zero shift principle is very simple. The new gear is engaged while the previous gear is still driving, eliminating the break in torque experienced in conventional manual and automated manual transmission during a gear shift. As the new gear takes up the drive, the previous gear is automatically disengaged. Zeroshift achieved this using HBM’s MGC plug data logger and Catman software



The technology claims to outperform all other transmission technologies in terms of fuel economy and performance. It results in fuel economy of at least 2% compared to a manual transmission and 1% when compared to a planetary automatic transmission with an equivalent number of ratios. Carbon dioxide emissions are also reduced similarly. Due to zero torque interruption, performance is improved which would allow downsizing of engine and thus a further potential to reduce carbon dioxide. Zero shift is also claimed to be cheaper to produce than a DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) or an equivalent automatic transmission with epicyclical gears. Further this gear shifting mechanism may be built into an existing manual gear box.



The biggest advantage of this technology is the safety that results due to seamless gear shifting. Any interruption of engine torque to the wheels introduces a loss of control, which may be potentially unsafe in certain circumstances. For instance, torque interruptions at intersections, roundabout and on highway ramp can cause accidents as driver may require acceleration and find none. Even during emergency braking, engine braking is expected but is not available due to interruption in gear shift. Zeroshift is also lightweight and compact, thus requiring lesser space, thereby resulting in the available vacant space in the frontal crumple zone, leading to increased safety.


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